Services Offered

Every building requires Electrical and Mechanical systems for lighting, power distribution telephones security, HVAC, and plumbing which breathes life into a building. These services combinely called as MEP i.e. Mechanical , Electrical & Plumbing services. While electrical and mechanical systems exist separately, they depend on each other for smooth and efficient operation. In fact, it is estimated that roughly 30% to 35% of construction budgets are dedicated to MEP works.

We are specialized in the following sectors

  • Industrial
  • High Rise Building for Hotels and Offices.
  • Residential and Commercial Complexes, Malls
  • Hospital Projects
  • IT Parks

We offer our MEP Services and BMS/SCADAservices in the following industrial sectors

  • Power Projects
  • Petrochemicals
  • Agrochemicals
  • Sugar Industries
  • Automobiles
  • Fertilizers
  • Steel Plants
  • Paper Industries
  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Breweries


At EMEA, we evaluate the overall schedule and time-usage of the building by its occupants specifically, environmental needs related to temperature limits, design conditions, size of zone control and flexibility of controls.

We focus on constructability and pricing, and narrow down potential design schemes for all proposed MEP systems and evaluate scheme from a financial standpoint. Based on an intimate? knowledge of the subcontractor, equipment and material vendor markets, we recommend to the client the most cost-effective design with respect to first costs, operating costs, and maintenance costs.

We ensure that the final design and installation of systems is economically and physically feasible. We also analyze the proposed designs using real-time market pricing, lead times and data so that accurate cost and scheduling estimates can be made early in the pre-construction process.

We work out budgets and cost estimates to ensure that the MEP budget is kept online throughout the entire pre-construction and purchasing phases. This is done to ensure that the client will not see any surprises or unusual costs throughout and following the purchasing phases.